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  The TI Lab has over 200+ scenario's which can be changed as you shoot, this will help us to further train CCW, Law Enforcement, Advance Shooting Skills to Teachers, Security Officers and more. 

We will be offering a "First Time Shooting Program " allowing CSI to Issue an NRA Non-Shooting Simulator Certificate!  This program will cost $25.00 per person.

Shooting this simulator costs $1.00 per minute.  

Bring the whole family and enjoy shooting Bowling Pins, Cans, Zombies, Wild West scenes, paper targets, steel targets. **(Lasers Only)**. This is a great Birthday gift or bachelor party event, 4 may shoot at a time one this unit.

VFR can sponsor Corporate events for a Day, Week or a Month depending on your circumstances.  Come and check us out, VFR is great "Stress Relief".

No memberships will be available for CSI-VFR, this is a totally separate entity.

Regular CSI memberships will not be honored at CSI-VFR.

CSI-VFR is owned and operated by New Business Concepts, Inc.

For more information please call CSI at (740) 609-3414.  Leave your return phone number and we will call you back in one business day.  We will be offering Corporate Rates and Group Rates as well .

TI Outdoor Training Simulator, Certified NRA Instructors teach from this new source of knowledge.

TI Outdoor Training Simulator, Certified NRA Instructors teach from this new source of knowledge.

Our Commitment to you.


CSI is locally owned and operated by Jeanette M Mertz and Michael J Perry and our staff is experienced professionals of Law Enforcement & Military Backgrounds.

  CSI is a Federal Firearms Licensed Company. We are here to serve our residents by teaching Concealed Carry firearm Classes.  We are here for our Military Men and Women, show your ID card and get a 50% discount on our range fees, targets and Ammo.

Police Officers  will be allowed to bring in their own ammunition and targets and will only pay $9.00 per hour per Officer.

Our doors are open, come on down!

6 month memberships will be $262.50 with each additional family member added at a cost of $40.00 each.

Senior Discounts are 10% for monthly dues=$45.00

The cold weather is here, enjoy our heated Indoor Gun Range.


5 Heated & Air Cooled Pistol Lanes.

**Starting April 1st, 2019, 22 Long Rifles will be allowed to shoot at CSI**




Our indoor range is equipped with adjustable height tables. Targeting systems are on a "Spring Loaded Switch" to move your targets down range.

Basic Pistol Courses available at $50.00 per person.

Ammunition is available for your convenience.

For the first time gun owner owner a cleaning class is available $25.00  Cleaning kits for purchase are located in the front of our store, $15.00 to $25.00

CCW Classes are taught by a group or on a One to One Basis and also offered on a weekday if you can't make the weekend training session, this  class must be scheduled, one week prior to the class and paid in advance.

You must have your driver's license with you.  You will need 100 rounds of ammo (NO RUSSIAN MADE AMMO  LIKE TULAMMO OR WOLF) on the range.

To schedule a class please call the range and make your appointment, if after hours we will call you back in one business day.  Come to the "Best Indoor Range in the area" and Go thru the "RUSH". I Guarantee you will get the most realistic CCW training available!

A large choice of targets are available



CCW Classes:

A one day class of 8 hours which includes 6 hours of Knowledge of firearms, how to choose your ammo, Nomenclature of Firearms, how to properly load your firearm, how to properly clean your firearm and 2 hours of Live Range Fire.

 CCW Classes are every  Saturday , Sunday through the summer months, all classes Starting at 07:30 am ,Cost is $100.00 per person.   You will need 100 rounds of FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)  Classes are filling up quick,Please call us to reserve your spot. The Live Fire class is unique to CSI as I personally have designed it, it's as real as it gets, come see for yourself.

Come and see why our shooting clients are raving about the "Real as it get's" training here at CSI.

CCW Classes are now available weekdays if you can't make a weekend class, please call and PAY in ADVANCE for the CCW CLASS, I need 1 week prior notice to  schedule a class and it must be paid in full in advance.

We are striving to meet the demands of our clients who need the CCW class who have days off in the middle of the week.

We also can have a Ladies CCW Class on Week days as well, I need to have at least 3 students to hold a class.  Call the range for information. 740-609-3414.

  ** We now offer a "First Time Shooter Class for $50.00** we cover all aspects of safety, nomenclature of Ammo, Nomenclature of handgun.  This is SHOOTING CLASS which will prepare you for the real thing.  It's a 1 hour class in which there is a written test and a certificate issued.

Call the range to make your appointment! (740) 609-3414

FFL Transfer is $25.00

** Please be advised that even though you may reside in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, you can still take your CCW training in Ohio.  We have reciprocity with all but 14 states nationwide.** 

We have WV Concealed Handgun License Applications at our range.

Join the NRA


CSI encourages everyone to join the NRA, this organization is fighting for you and your right to own and carry a firearm.   CSI is a certified NRA Recruiter, For more information or to join ask on of our staff and we will assist you. Please Join the NRA Today, KEEP AMERICA FREE!

Our sales staff are past members of the Military ranging from all branches of the service, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or former Ohio Law Enforcement Officer.

Jeanette M Mertz and Michael J Perry are Co-Owners of CSI and New Business Concepts Inc.

We are proud to present this new business to our friends and neighbors and the residents of our area and will strive to bring programs to bring people together.

WE ALLOW YOU TO BRING INTO THE RANGE YOUR OWN TARGETS (**paper**), you may bring in your ammo or purchase it elsewhere but it MUST BE FMJ ONLY!  No Hollow-points- Semi Jacketed or otherwise, Wad-cutters, Armour Piercing or Steel Tipped (Tulammo or Wolf). 


NO +P+ ammo, No 10mm.

**IF YOU BURN HOLES IN MY BACKSTOP STEEL OR RUBBER SHEETS, YOU WILL BE EJECTED FROM CSI AND PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, fee will include but are not limited to, Labor to remove sheets both steel & Rubber, Labor to replace sheets both rubber or steel, cost of sheets both rubber and steel, shipping charges and all Legal Fees**

You will be ejected from our range, never allowed into CSI again.

PISTOL ONLY RANGE & 22 Long Rifle.

Having said that " LETS GO BURN SOME POWDER". 

Range Fees


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To find us using Google Maps please Google "Corner Pocket Billiards" it will bring you directly to our building.

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56731-D Colerain Pike, Martins Ferry, Ohio 43935, United States

(740) 609-3414-Office Fax-(740) 609-3415




"Let's Burn Some Powder"!

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